Legal Disclaimer -- The Elite Jalapenos are a 2 vs 2 arena team in the World of Warcraft. Any similarity to good arena teams, living or dead, is unintended and purely coincidental. The Elite Jalapenos play for entertainment value only and just want to have fun. We're in it for the gear!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Press Conference Scheduled for later this afternoon

With the CDC now shifting it's focus to jalapenos as the cause for the recent salmonella outbreak, Uzo (spokesperson and shortest member of the Elite Jalapenos arena team) announced a press conference scheduled for this afternoon.

"With headlines like 'Salmonella probe shifts to jalapenos' and 'Jalapenos may be salmonella culprit' the Elite Jalapenos feel the need to squash the fears and concerns of it's fans." Uzo said this morning before he vanished in a puff of smoke in front of reporters.

More coming... fear not Jalapenites!

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