Legal Disclaimer -- The Elite Jalapenos are a 2 vs 2 arena team in the World of Warcraft. Any similarity to good arena teams, living or dead, is unintended and purely coincidental. The Elite Jalapenos play for entertainment value only and just want to have fun. We're in it for the gear!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Missing Toon Report Filed with Azeroth P.D.

Sphynx (a.k.a. Bloomie) has gone missing and the Elite Jalapeno brotherhood is frantic and worried. Officials with the Azeroth Police Department say the Elite Jalapenos have filed a Missing Toon Report and that they are actively searching for their key member who has mysteriously vanished.

"She's not under this rock." Exclaims Officer P. Dunkel Horkenmeijer after searching for a minute and a half in the outskirts of Hellfire Peninsula.

More to come on this compelling story.


Anonymous said...

An anonymous tipster saw her walking in a daze down Gnome Avenue. Sphynx clearly was carrying the salmonella virus (in her pocket). She was mumbling something about "...he promised me he used protection!...he promised!..." Rumors believe the outbreak had caused her internet loss and a extended hiatus from WoW. More information to come as we uncover this sad tale of our once giggly priest...

Uzo - Rogue said...

Something's amiss! I knew it! Gimme the name of that gnome and I swear I'll uh... ummm... well I won't take him to lunch and a movie that's for sure! rawr